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BenAas 2.1


BenAas 2.1 is the rental unit of the building which previously was occupied by the building contractor  Bendiktsen & Aasen as as their garage/repair/workshop department and logistical department.

The industrial part is 30x24 meter and thereby more than 700 squaremeter, and the adjoining office  / workshop area is close to 300 squaremeter.

The lower part of the building which is the office / workshop is facing the seaside.  There is parking and a main entrance door into this department from this side of the building, and on the taller industrial side of the building  there are two main drive through garage doors and an entrance door straight into the industrial part of the building.

BenAas 2.1 is currently used for temporary storage of boats, cars, caravans, etc. during the winter season in addition to other temporary storage as required.

This unit can therefore be available for a new tenant on a relatively short notice.

On the plans below you can see this rental unit highlighted, and on the pictures below you see the outline of the rental unit .


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Image Map BenAas 2.1 BenAas 2.3 BenAas 2.2

Plans of the office / workshop area:

benaas 2-1 lavfloy-uthevet-1000px

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Benas Enhet 2.1 uthevet