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BenAas 1.2

BenAas 1.2 is the part of the building that previously housed Lafteverket, and Nordekk.

BenAas 1.1 BenAas 1.1


The industrial garage /workshop part of this unit is roughly 640 squaremeters, and in addition this unit consists of a lower height office unit and storagearea of around 205 squaremeters. The total size of this unit is hence roughly 845 squaremeters.

The main entrance to the office area is from the southwest, and on the opposite side there are two drivethrough garage doors.

This unit is ideal for a smaller company in need for office space and a workshop  / maintenance department for trucks, buses, and similar equipment.

You can see BenAas 1.2 highlighted on the plans and images below.


Plans of the rentalunit: